For your convenience all Andy’s Auto Rental vehicles are now fitted with an RMS electronic tag. (RMS is the NSW Roads & Maritime Services agency – formerly NSW RTA. This allows you to travel on any tollway in Australia without having to arrange a tag or pass before renting your vehicle.

Mini Bus Hire Brisbane Through the RMS partnership when you rent any vehicle through Andy’s Auto Rentals you enter into an agreement with RMS. As a result, your rental vehicle details will be detected when you drive through any electronic toll collection point on any tollway in Australia.

At the time of renting a vehicle from Andy’s Auto Rentals your rental documents will include the additional RMS E-Toll Facility Terms and Conditions that will apply to the use of the rental vehicle on any tollway in Australia. The vehicle will be fitted with an E-Toll electronic tag.

Tolls incurred by your rental vehicle, together with a daily service fee, will be charged back to you by the same payment collection method you have chosen to pay for your rental vehicle. The daily service fee will only be charged for the days you travel on a tollway.

  • The amounts payable in connection with your use of the RMS E-Toll service are described in the RMS E-Toll Facility Terms and Conditions. Please note that the amounts payable include:
    the applicable toll(s) incurred by your use of the rental vehicle on any tollway during the rental (Australia Wide), which will be paid by RMS to the relevant tollway operator(s); and
  • A service fee charged by RMS of, currently, $3.30 for each day on which the rental vehicle incurs a toll (part of which service fee is paid by RMS to the rental company).
  • If you do not travel through any toll points for the duration of your rental you will not be charged anything.

The amounts owing to RMS in connection with your use of the RMS E-Toll service will be charged to your credit card or invoiced directly by RMS – visit this link for more details.

To download a tax invoice or a transaction summary of toll payments visit this link and follow the instructions on the site.

All telephone enquiries please phone RMS on 131 TOL (131 865).

For more specific terms and conditions please view this PDF.