All vehicles come fully insured the standard liability is applicable to all, but a collision damage waiver (CDW) may be taken up to reduce this. Please be aware by reducing the liability it does not waive or reduce your liability under a single vehicle incident. If you wish to reduce single vehicle incident on certain vehicles only please ask our staff about Gold Cover.

Truck Rental Gold CoastPLEASE NOTE: If standard insurance is not taken and hirer is over 25 years of age a pre authorisation is needed. The liability amount will be frozen on the customer’s credit card for 7-10 working days depending on the bank. If the customer chooses to lower the liability a pre authorisation is not needed unless it is otherwise stated when making a booking or upon collection of the vehicle.

If the hirer is under 25 years but over 21 years an pre authorisation of the liability is needed. This amount will be frozen on the customers credit card for the term of the rental.


4WD liability when used on unsealed roads will differ from the above schedule and the Andys Auto Rentals office must be contacted for full terms and conditions . The 4wd’s are not to be used for towing unless the “towing fee” is paid and shown on the front of the contract and the 4wd must no leave sealed roads unless the “unsealed road/beach use” fee is paid and shown on the face of the contract. Failure to comply with theses conditions will result in all liability coverage being voided and the hirer will be liable for all costs.

Taking a vehicle off road by its nature comes with certain risks out of our control and in the event of a mechanical failure not caused by the hirer or Andys Auto Rentals then the hire fee for the affected period may be refunded but no compensation will be forthcoming for any accommodation or other costs etc during the hire period. It is to be noted that 4wd hire places additional strain on the vehicle and while it is on hire we cannot control what may happen to it on this hire or previous hires and you as the hirer must understand that this could cause future unforeseen problems down the track at some stage – it is with this knowledge and understanding that you hire the vehicle.

All liabilities over $1000 must have credit card authorisation.

* Except Sports and Prestige where a $500 authorisation will be taken if the lowered liability is taken.


Is available to customers who have purchased CDW. It is only available on cars, 8 Seater vehicles and 12 seat buses used for local travel only. This option includes Collision damage waiver and single vehicle waiver of $300 for cars, $500 for 8 Seater vehicles and $990 for 12 seat buses. Hail Damages and Theft is also included in this package as well as zero liability on Windscreen, headlight and tyre protection. Vehicles are not covered for theft if the hirer cannot produce the keys or if the hirer is proven to have any involvement in the theft in any way.


In case of an accident the hirer will pay the liability outstanding regardless of whom was at fault. Once the other party admits fault and Andy’s Auto Rentals have been notified in writing that they will pay the full amount, then the liability will be refunded. If the hirer is at fault no refund will be given. All outstanding monies for liability must be paid at conclusion of the hire.

All accidents are to be reported to the Police immediately. Ensure all details of third parties are recorded at the scene. Report to Andy’s Auto Rentals immediately. Accident report forms can be found in the glove compartment and must be filled out and returned to Andy’s Auto Rentals within 24 Hours. Failure to do so could void all or part of insurance coverage. Do not admit liability. Our staff will assist with any difficulties.


Bodies and underbodies are not covered by insurance unless the vehicle is involved in a multi vehicle collision. If damaged in a single vehicle incident with no other registered vehicles involved (Example: Drive under any object lower than the vehicle height, impact trees, buildings, awning etc, Damage under body or any other damages) the full costs incurred to the vehicle and other property will be at the expense of the hirer/renter. All hirers of trucks and buses must hold the appropriate licence. It is the responsibility of hirer to maintain any log book activity required.


Option – No Waiver Taken
Liability in case of accident is at maximum of $5,000. An amount of $1000 will be authorised against your credit card prior to rental, thereby ‘freezing’ your available funds for that amount over the duration of the rental period.

Cost – $0 (included in rental cost)

Option – Standard Waiver
Multi-vehicle accident liability reduced to $990. Single-vehicle accident liability remains at maximum amount of $5,000. $500 will be authorised against your credit card prior to rental, thereby ‘freezing’ your available funds for that amount over the duration of the rental period.

Cost – $29.95 per day


When towing it is the hirer’s responsibility to have the towed trailer insured, any damage caused by the trailer, to either the tow vehicle, the trailer, any third party property or personal injury will be the sole responsibility of the hirer. If you intend to tow using one of our vehicles, you must have written approval from Andy’s Auto Rentals and the towing fee must be paid and shown on the face of the contract.


Single vehicle incidents by example are those that do not involve another registered vehicle and would include but not limited to, any over head damage, undercarriage damage, collision with animals, water, hail damage, abuse or negligence however caused is at the hirer’s risk and is not covered by C.D.W. and the hirer’s liability will revert to the standard liability, providing no other exclusion terms on the contract have been broken.if the vehicle involved is a commercial than clause 8 on the rear of the contract may apply and the hirer may be liable for all damages. In the event of a single vehicle accident, no replacement vehicle will be provided and the hirer will be responsible for themselves from that point and there will be no refund of any monies in regards to the unused portion of the hire period.