4WD Terms and Conditions


nissanpatrol4wdhire4WD liability when used on unsealed roads will differ from the above schedule and the Andys Auto Rentals office must be contacted for full terms and conditions. The 4wd’s are not to be used for towing unless the “towing fee” is paid and shown on the front of the contract and the 4wd must not leave sealed roads unless the “unsealed road/beach use” fee is paid and shown on the face of the contract. Failure to comply with these conditions will result in all liability coverage being voided and the hirer will be liable for all costs. Any off road usage requires a minimum authorization of $1000.

Taking a vehicle off road by its nature comes with certain risks out of our control and in the event of a mechanical failure not caused by the hirer or Andys Auto Rentals then the hire fee for the affected period may be refunded but no compensation will be forthcoming for any accommodation or other costs etc during the hire period. Any mechanical or miscellaneous damage caused by the hirer whilst off road is at the cost of the hirer, including any and all recovery costs It is to be noted that 4wd hire places additional strain on the vehicle and while it is on hire we cannot control what may happen to it on this hire or previous hires and you as the hirer must understand that this could cause future unforeseen problems down the track at some stage – it is with this knowledge and understanding that you hire the vehicle.

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